Our Story
We combined forces of the three best-in-class solution providers, so you can realize the promise/advancement of tomorrow, today.
Specialty services for insurance providers.
Advanced analytics platform for client journey from lead generation to acquisition. Industry-leading service and tool platform that can be attached to all policy types to differentiate and drive revenues.
Find specialty solutions quickly, keeping costs low and passing the value onto your clients.
Customer sales and acquisition, smarter.
An intelligent and flexible sales tool for agents and brokers. Minimize time to sale by focusing on customer experience and high-value, dynamic interactions — all supported by full compliance and analytics.
Use intelligent customer knowledge to nurture and acquire the best clients.
Fully outsourced business processing.
Best in class and leading provider of back office capabilities for policy administration, claims and supporting service to include on demand reporting, customized documentation and notification and PCI compliant payment processing.
Combine policy administration, underwriting, and more with direct customer support.