Leave the business of yesterday in the past. Take action today so that you're ready for tomorrow.
The insurance industry is evolving faster than ever. Innovation in client engagement is rapid, with new technologies, behavioral analytics, marketing tactics, specialty services, and market differentiators emerging every day. Customers have more insurance options than ever before, and their expectations are high. The customers of today want more than just insurance — they want value-added concierge and lifestyle services bundled into their policy.
Embracing these changes is the key to ensuring your success and excellence in client experience in the new world of insurance. Life-Exchange enables you to drive client engagement and grow customer relationships with best-in-class services and technology.
We help you understand your client’s behaviors and lifecycle, giving you the key to unlocking predictable revenue for every campaign, promotion, and media spend.
All Life-Exchange services can be bundled or purchased individually to help you meet the challenges unique to your customers and your business.
We give you the tools you need today to get ready for tomorrow.
Our Core Solution
The days of best-guess lead generation and identification are over. With Life-Exchange, use AI and sophisticated technology to optimize engagement strategies and client experience across the sales process. Our tools and analytics help you identify valuable leads and client segments, while our comprehensive data analysis powers solutions that nurture valuable prospect behavior and drive leads closer to sale.
Stop spending money on marketing campaigns without a clear return on your investment. We help you create marketing solutions that are right for your business and targeted specifically to your most vital client segments. We identify your highest-value channels and create effective content for your brand that drives valuable engagement. With our services, your brand and your return on investment will be the strongest possible.
Traditional sales agents cost you unnecessary time and money. Use our sophisticated sales tactics to push your prospects to conversion faster and with less effort — all through a mobile point-of-sale system. You can acquire new clients confidently, knowing that sales are supported by research and intelligent design, pushing clients to conversion while ensuring information is accurate, consistent, and compliant.
The job of an insurance provider is only getting harder. Life-Exchange eases some of your burden. We handle the completion and underwriting of all policies for your clients with leading-edge technology, reducing human error during entry. And, when a claim is filed, we can handle the processing and provide other back office support functions of the administration.
Your clients expect more from you than ever before — a personalized journey, convenience, and low cost. Life-Exchange helps you meet and surpass those expectations. Our clients have access to personalized portals and concierge call centers to provide a differentiated and high-touch experience at all levels. No matter what client experience challenge you face, we can help you handle it without added stress to your teams.
Simply knowing who your clients are isn't enough anymore - today, you must know and understand what specific behaviors they take as well. We can provide you with a detailed analysis of client segments and behaviors that help you identify key markets and products, and even predict future market needs. We give you real-time data and client journey mapping tools that allow you to respond to client challenges and build value.
Comprehensive client data is essential for your business — but so is protecting it. Our sophisticated behavioral analytics tools and expert knowledge help you achieve cyber compliance and security for all records across your business. Our regulatory training services help you identify what information you need to protect based on relevant regulations and show your employees how to manage and protect at-risk data.
Your clients' needs don't end at the point of sale — and neither do our tools. We provide continual support and services that allow you to nurture your existing clients through retention points, cross-sell, and upsell opportunities. We help you boost your client loyalty by continuing to drive real value for them beyond just claims administration and client support.
Meeting the demands of tomorrow’s insurance industry requires careful planning and intelligent business strategy. We help you develop the long-term strategies that will ensure success for your business. Our market insights allow you to predict new opportunities for business lines and services, and our expert analyses help you identify development opportunities and increase your speed to market for new products.
We don't just want you to survive the transition to the future of insurance — we want you to thrive in it. We help you set and achieve long term growth goals, from market and client expansion to new product launches. With us, you can expand your client base, add specialty lines, and scale up your operations, without the need for additional costs or stress for your existing business.